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Customer Testimonials

Superb quality and they treat their customers with respect.  Prompt

delivery, always on time.   We ordered a fresh bouquet and requested

a 1 hour delivery, they delivered in less than 45 minutes and even

delivered the arrangements for half others charge.     Fresh flowers

hand delivered, very professional and courteous.   Very happy with

their products and services.   Referred by my friend, he said this

company has been a Trusted member of the local community for





Like most people, we were duped by a fake online company    that

posted fake address and business.  We ordered fresh bouquets and

they delivered dead flowers with molds.   From The Dead   ft d.   They

have several fake names showing up online:

some of them are listed below:

Clifton heights florist  at 1001..                       800-890-3747

Springfield florist at 1001..                               800-890-3747

Morton florist at 1001...                                    800-890-3747

Lansdowne florist 1001...                                  800-890-3747


We called the number and tried to go to their store but there was no

store.  We tried to get our money back and 2 days later, the phone

number was disconnected.  Save yourself a lot of headache by ordering

from a trusted florist.

The only real florist in Collingdale is


Collingdale Flowers      610-583-3200 

Collingdale  Florists .com     --  Plants, gifts and Balloons   

1001  Macdade blvd, Collingdale, PA 19023


at the corner of Woodlawn Ave,  across the trolley stop and the Wawa



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